Senior AI Engineers/AI Engineers for AI Singapore (a national R&D programme in Artificial Intelligence) (Technology Grou - (0069T)

16 August 2018
Job Details
As an AI engineer, you will facilitate the transfer of advanced AI technologies from the research labs to the domain testbeds and thus the real world. You will participate in the full research to deployment pipeline. You will help conceptualize and develop research experiments, and then implement the systems to execution these experiments. You will lead or work with a team and interact closely with both the academic researchers and the industry partners. You will attend reading groups and seminars, master research techniques and engineering practices, and design research tools and experimental testbeds. You will apply state-of-the-art AI algorithms, explore new solutions, and build working prototypes. You will also learn to deploy the systems and solutions at scale.


1. a Bachelor's or Master's degree in AI, computer science, or related disciplines;

2. solid background in AI and machine learning;

3. strong system-building and management skills and keen interests in working with emerging technologies and frameworks;

4. past experiences in:

  • Open source DevOps tools and software as a service solutions;

  • Development and implementation of AI and machine learning algorithms;

  • AI or deep learning work at a commercial company or industrial research lab;

5. good communications skills in both written and verbal English; and

6. an adventurous spirit and willingness to learn and experiment with new ideas and new domains.

Company Description

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